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Crazy 3D printable Arc reactor

Wanna look like an Iron Man!! If Yes, then here is an Arc reactor with 3D effects for you, as shared by Nbitwonder member George . You can find some other truly impressive arc reactor builds available from different makers. George‘s open source design is highly impressive and amazing with 3D effects. In his post […]

Cool Word Clock

Similar to Doug’s Word Clock, you can create your own word clock. Basically, a word clock is a clock that tells the time using words. The Word Clock is fun to own, whether you are making one from scratch, building a kit, or simply enjoying one that I built for you. To get some more […]

A GPS-Synchronised Clock

Sparkfun member Nate shared an amazing Digital clock synchronized with GPS receiver having an accuracy of 100ns. You can build your own GPS based clock that displays time in the format of HH:MM:SS. The software Firmware required for this project is available here! C ASM HEX You can get the LED Light Bar here! These LED bars you can simply screw onto […]

DIY Glass block LED matrix

Makezine member Matt Mets shared one recently finished up glass block display LED sign. He got impressed with the method for mounting lights on a frame made from PVC pipe. In your build you too can use PVC as it is cheap, lightweight, and machines easily, making it perfect for this application. For the display you can use an array […]