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LED based 4m WiFi Detector

You’ve seen number of WiFi detectors before, but none quite like as shared by Donald Melanson, a member of Engadget. Donald shared an ambitious project so called WiFi networks with light cooked up by Norwegian designers. The project is basically composed of a four-meter long WiFi-detecting rod that boasts 80 LED bulbs and picks up signals of various strengths from […]

DIY LASER-LED Safety bike tail light

Electronics-lab’s member posted an amazing bike tail light !! It boasts super long life operation; up to about 9 hours LASER works and LED flash up to 36 hours. It is rechargeable, and is equipped with Apex Bright LED to improve security of  bicycle riders riding in the dark or in poorly lit conditions. In addition […]

Ultra large SMD LED based POV display

You can build your own ultra large POV displays using colored SMD LEDs. A similar creation is shared by Eliot, a hackaday’s member in his post of a 2m persistence of vision display. The display is composed of 100 blue SMD LEDs to generate POV image. The LEDs are connected to an ATMega64 microcontroller via […]

An Illuminating LED Hula Hoop

Are you looking for a glow Hula Hoop that will outshine all others? Do you want to give a mind blowing LED light show for yourself and others, while exercising and having fun hooping? Makeprojects member Brookelynn Morris shared his cool design of 21 LEDs based Hula Hoop. In his build, with the cycle of […]