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Bus Pirate – hacking LED POV fan

The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. A Dangerousprototypes member MrZor brings out an interesting project for you where using Bus Pirate you can hack a small LED POV fan. He used a 24LC02B EEPROM chip to store the text displayed on the device and the I2C mode […]


In his post,  justDIY stated: “Persistence of Vision is some sort of effect, either psychological or biological in nature, that allows our eyes and brain to ‘see’ motion and patterns in a sequence of rapidly stills (hence a movie projection). This effect can be exploited using basic digital electronics to create a virtual LED sign, […]

An Illuminating LED Hula Hoop

Are you looking for a glow Hula Hoop that will outshine all others? Do you want to give a mind blowing LED light show for yourself and others, while exercising and having fun hooping? Makeprojects member Brookelynn Morris shared his cool design of 21 LEDs based Hula Hoop. In his build, with the cycle of […]