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Crazy Hard Drive Clocks

  Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh shared some amazing works on hard drive clock designs. Various designs are: Alan Parekh Hard Drive Clock Jason Amsel and Konstantin Klitenikfrom Hard Drive Clock Ian Smith Hard Drive Clock Waldeck Schutzer Hard Drive Clock (translated version) Baidu Hard Drive Clock  (translated version) You too can build your own design with […]


In his post,  justDIY stated: “Persistence of Vision is some sort of effect, either psychological or biological in nature, that allows our eyes and brain to ‘see’ motion and patterns in a sequence of rapidly stills (hence a movie projection). This effect can be exploited using basic digital electronics to create a virtual LED sign, […]

LED based TinyPOV Toy

You can make your own persistence of vision or POV toy using 8 LEDs,  powered by ATtiny2313 (AVR microcontroller) operating at 2 x AA batteries. This is a tiny toy that fits easily inside your pockets even. Voltsandbytes member Jer shared a very interesting design tinyPOV. “Most POV toys out there uses the code or program memory to store a […]

LEDs go for a spin in POV displays

Probably,  you have seen many assorted rotating persistence of vision (POV) based LED displays, but this project is somewhat cool and different. Embedds member expressed his opinion on his build The Rotating LED POV Display as: “Honestly, this rotating LED POV display is a little bit different than the others, as it’s one well constructed […]