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Cool RGB LED Tetris Game

This project is a RGB LED matrix Tetris game, the first creative incarnation of the game that we’ve seen in a long time. This might just be more fun than the original simply because of its design, and it will definitely be worth playing in the dark with all the lights turned off for added visual effect. It’s completely hands-on, with each of the 240 spots on the grid acting as both a light and a button. Each button is backlit by three RGB LEDs for a near endless array of possible colors only limited by programming and the processing power of the 16 bit microcontrollers.

So, what’re all the 240 buttons for? Well, if you press a button to the left or right of the currently falling brick, then it’ll move in that direction. Similarly, you touch the top row of buttons to rotate the brick, and the bottom row to drop it instantaneously.

Mark Wilson says:

” The LEDs are so bright that they are blowing out the video and maybe even bleeding into other cells. Nice.”