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Daft Punk LED Helmet Project


Instructables member Adamu25 made a great looking Daft Punk LED Helmet Project for a festival held on the Isle of Wight in the UK called Bestival. He has documented the build so you could build your own. The LEDs that you see in the face mask are light strips that are meant to be used on cars. No matter where they were supposed to be used they sure look right at home on this project.

“Materials used:

Approx 5 metres of 25mm EL ribbon and associated inverters per outfit
Suitable jacket and trousers
self adhesive mirror sheet
black chrome vinyl sheet
thin acetate sheet for the visor – also car window tinting film
2 strips of ‘car sidelight’ LED’s – the ones that are supposed to make your ride look like an an expensive Audi
LOTS of duct tape
couple of 8x AA battery holders
2 x empty drink cans
plasticard and thin card
bendable metal strip
2 part epoxy resin
silicone sealant
thin copper tape
strong black foam double sided tape used for attaching car badges etc.”