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Insanely Bright 60W LED Backlight for a 58″ Plasma Screen


Ambilight, which is short for Ambient Lighting Technology, is a feature invented by Philips Electronics into their TVs that analyzes the signal and adjusts a ring of LEDs to match colors.

We can build a simple “Ambilight” clone. Macetech member Garrett with his team build an Insanely Bright 60W LED Backlight for a 58″ Plasma Screen.

“Materials used:
58″ Plasma TV & Mini PC
60+ Watts RGB LEDs
18 Satellite S-001 LED Modules
3 OctoBar LED Drivers
1 Arduino Uno
1 ShiftBrite Shield

For necessary software configuration,  boblight software package is used. Prior to that remember to install the X11 development dependencies first. The boblight config file created by Garrett can be seen here. The next step is to understand the AtmoLight protocol and control the LEDs using an existing product called ArduinoAtmo. It controls ShiftBrite, MegaBrites, ShiftBars, and OctoBars. Its code created by Garrett can be  seen here