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Iron Man with powerful LED flashlight


You can build your own repulsor-like LED flashlight that can be mounted on your hand palm comfortably. You can turn ‘ON’ this Gadget to  produce brighter light as you move your hand back and forth. With this powerful LED flashlight mounted on your hand palm, you’ll look like an ‘Iron Man’ !! 

Similar design as shared by a Carlitoscontraptions member can be seen here. The build uses six 5 mm and one 10 mm ultra bright LEDs connected in parallel fashion. The LEDs are fitted nicely into the seven holes in constructed metal disk. These LEDs are further connected in series to the potentiometer which in turn is connected to a regular resistor. The regular resistor is used to limit the current and set the appropriate voltage for the LEDs and the potentiometer determines the light intensity. You can determine the appropriate value for the resistor by using this LED calculator.

The end result will look like:

A video showing the repulsor beam can be seen below: