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DIY 16X8 LED matrix clock with temperature

You can build one multifunctional project  by using just 128 LEDs, arranged in a matrix order of 16X8. This special project will not only operate as a real-time digital clock, but will also be used as temperature meter.  One such design is shared by one Embedded-lab’s member as – Real-time clock and Temperature display on 16×8 LED Matrix. The major components used for his build are:

PIC18F2550, that controls the columns of the display
A6276, a 16-bit serial input, constant current latched LED driver
74ACT164N, 8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register for controlling the rows
BC337 transistors for providing the required current to drive the rows,
A DS1320 that serves as the external real time clock,
LM35, precision centigrade temperature sensor.

The complete circuit schematics can be seen here and the MPLAB code for PIC microcontroller used here in this project is available here at: MPLAB Project Zip file of GPL’d code.