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RGB LED Mood Light Project


This RGB LED Mood Light Project has many uses, it is controlled by a Microchip PIC 12F629 microcontroller. You can get the firmware here so you can build your own mood light. Since the project is color mixing the red, green and blue LEDs it will keep you staring at it as the color combinations slowly change. The video below shows how nice this project can be when added to something as simple as a glass candle stick. Another way this project could be used is to wash a wall with constantly changing colors.

“The controller uses (RGB) Red, Green and Blue high brightness LEDs that are pulse width modulated (PWM) to vary the intensity of each colour LED.  This allows effectively any colour to be generated with rapid changing strobe effects, fast and slow colour fades as well as static colours.   The data used to set and change the colours is held in an easy to edit file so if you don’t like the sequences provided with it, you can modify the sequence data include file yourself and reprogram with your own sequences.”