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Motion triggered LED matrix display

If you are planning to implement any electronic moving display system that is activated by movements in its surroundings then just have a look on the project posted by Jer from Volts and Bytes, where an Atmega8 is used to activate a Sure Electronics 0832 LED matrix display when motion is detected by the attached PIR sensor. Check the link […]

MEMS technology based Tilt Sensor

Pyroelectro member Chris presents a very interesting project of building a working tilt sensor. The latest MEMS Technology based accelorometer sensor is used together with some digital circuitry and LEDs to build this Tilt Sensor. The Tilt sensor should have 3 core components: A Custom Comparator Based Analog to Digtal Converter An 8-State Machine To Drive The LED […]

DIY 16X8 LED matrix clock with temperature

You can build one multifunctional project  by using just 128 LEDs, arranged in a matrix order of 16X8. This special project will not only operate as a real-time digital clock, but will also be used as temperature meter.  One such design is shared by one Embedded-lab’s member as – Real-time clock and Temperature display on […]