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Iron Man with powerful LED flashlight

  You can build your own repulsor-like LED flashlight that can be mounted on your hand palm comfortably. You can turn ‘ON’ this Gadget to  produce brighter light as you move your hand back and forth. With this powerful LED flashlight mounted on your hand palm, you’ll look like an ‘Iron Man’ !!  Similar design as shared […]

Cool Automatic LED Stair Lighting controller

Want to save a little energy while looking awesome going up and down the stairs in your home? Then considering installing some LED Stair Lights like as shared by Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh.  The LED Stair Lighting Controller will make your home look amazing. This LED controller runs using two sensory infrared (IR) beams. A […]

LED based 4m WiFi Detector

You’ve seen number of WiFi detectors before, but none quite like as shared by Donald Melanson, a member of Engadget. Donald shared an ambitious project so called WiFi networks with light cooked up by Norwegian designers. The project is basically composed of a four-meter long WiFi-detecting rod that boasts 80 LED bulbs and picks up signals of various strengths from […]

DIY LASER-LED Safety bike tail light

Electronics-lab’s member posted an amazing bike tail light !! It boasts super long life operation; up to about 9 hours LASER works and LED flash up to 36 hours. It is rechargeable, and is equipped with Apex Bright LED to improve security of  bicycle riders riding in the dark or in poorly lit conditions. In addition […]

Cool Paper clip with LED

Makezine member Sean Michael Ragan shared the design of a Korean designer Sungho lee. Sungho lee’s LED light design started by cutting up some paper clips, clipping the leads on a bunch of LEDs, and soldering the one to the other.  Basically it’s a paper clip, slightly modified to to hug a watch battery and topped with the LED light. […]