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DIY LED based Analog clock

Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh shared various versions of LED based Analog clock. You can build your own analog clock using the following materials: One homemade clock uses a PIC16F877 Microcontroller with a 20MHz clock, it also has a DS1307 real time clock with battery backup. 169 x 700mcd diffused white LED’s connected in a matrix […]

Transform old projector to truly digital

Matt‘s team found an old, single-slide, sans-carousel slide projector, which they up-cycled to the 21st century’s truly digital projector by adding a 10 Watt LED and a Nokia 1200 LCD. The build uses an ATmega88 microcontroller to control LCD images, and an infrared receiver to advance the slides and turns the projector ON and OFF remotely. […]

DIY Candle Simulator

Candle light is usually warm and waves slowly with the random oscillations of the air in the surrounding environment. It should be possible to simulate the effect of a candle with a small electronic circuit that generates random patterns or numbers. Here is a simple such circuit shared by Embedds member. To create the candle effect […]

DIY Spinning LED Globe

One crazy Spinning LED Globe is constructed by Csaba Bleuer, a friend of Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh. You can build this project using ATMega Microcontroller and referring to Csaba’s hand drawn schematic. The jaw-drooping display effect is created by a program BmpToAscii. In this project the image is displayed using the ascii code, which gives an effect of rotating globe. To further explain the […]

Crazy Hard Drive Clocks

  Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh shared some amazing works on hard drive clock designs. Various designs are: Alan Parekh Hard Drive Clock Jason Amsel and Konstantin Klitenikfrom Hard Drive Clock Ian Smith Hard Drive Clock Waldeck Schutzer Hard Drive Clock (translated version) Baidu Hard Drive Clock  (translated version) You too can build your own design with […]

Cool LED clock with Analog readout

You can build an amazing LED based clock where both analog and digital signals are involved. This ‘mixed signal’ based clock has an analog readout, with all the digital signal processing involved.  Dos4ever member Ronald Dekker has shared his design so called as ‘A Mixed-Signal LED Clock‘ can be taken as a reference for you […]