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Cool Color Table integrated with 64 RGB LED Matrix

Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh shared a great work carried out by Edo at Hamburg University, Germany. He build a real cool color LED table comprising of 64 sections of RGB LED’s arranged in a matrix of 8X8. The table is controlled by Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller. “Materials used: 1 Arduino Duemilinove microcontroller, 12 Texas Instruments TLC5940 […]

LED based TinyPOV Toy

You can make your own persistence of vision or POV toy using 8 LEDs,  powered by ATtiny2313 (AVR microcontroller) operating at 2 x AA batteries. This is a tiny toy that fits easily inside your pockets even. Voltsandbytes member Jer shared a very interesting design tinyPOV. “Most POV toys out there uses the code or program memory to store a […]