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512 RGB pixels based LED panel

Adafruit brings out 512 bright RGB LEDs based panels arranged in a 16X32 grids fashion.  This product is superb product to be used to display animations or short video clips. These displays are designed to be driven by FPGA, CPLD, Propeller, XMOS or other high speed multi-processor controller. The good news is that the display […]

RGB LED Vehicle Turn Signals

If you have a show car the here is an interesting project for you. You can build your own RGB LED Vehicle Turn Signals that StarfireMX developed for his Ford Mustang. The system used a number of Arduino based controllers and XBee wireless devices to allow remote control of the modes and color selections. Starfiretech […]

Cool Color Table integrated with 64 RGB LED Matrix

Hackedgadgets member Alan Parekh shared a great work carried out by Edo at Hamburg University, Germany. He build a real cool color LED table comprising of 64 sections of RGB LED’s arranged in a matrix of 8X8. The table is controlled by Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller. “Materials used: 1 Arduino Duemilinove microcontroller, 12 Texas Instruments TLC5940 […]